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Thank you for taking time to have your picture taken for the new East Heights picture directory - we have had a great response. Some of you have already received your portrait orders. If you ordered photos and haven't gotten yours yet, watch your mail for them to come soon. If you have questions about your portrait order or billing, please call Lifetouch at 1-888-313-1746. If you did not purchase any portraits, your complimentary 8 x 10 photos were shipped to the church. Your portrait can be picked up in the Coffeehouse this Sunday, 9a-12p or in the church office during the week.

We have been working with the layout department and expect that the new directories will be available sometime in early December.

This new Community Directory format is more compact and can be updated each year with new photos added. We hope this will provide a more useful tool to help us stay connected.

If you had your photo taken you will get a free copy of the directory which you can pick up at the church sometime in December. If you did not have a photo taken, there will be a limited number of directories available to purchase at $5 each.